About IconDoodle

IconDoodle is a website for drawing and sharing 16 by 16 pixel icons. You can see what others are drawing at the same time. To see this in action, send this link to a friend.

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Drawing icons with IconDoodle is most natural on mobile devices. Bookmark it and add it to your home screen to use it like any other app on your phone.


Before IconDoodle was an iOS app called FatBits, released in 2012. At the time, FatBits used UDP hole-punching to share icons in real time from behind a firewall. Now IconDoodle is reborn on the web and uses WebSockets to accomplish the same task.

Screenshot of FatBits iOS AppScreenshot of FatBits iOS App


IconDoodle and FatBits were inspired by Tiny Icon Factory by Luis Blackaller and Brent Fitzgerald, a website they launched in 2006. Another inspiration is the FatBits mode in MacPaint by Bill Atkinson.

By Erik Wrenholt